Guilty Child Molester only gets fined

vlcsnap-2013-05-03-20h27m57s172Last week Tuesday, April 23,  38-year-old John Baptist Sr., a Belize City resident who was accused of having sex with a 6-year-old child back in 2003, and also accused of sexually molesting her on three other occasions was found guilty of 2 of the four counts.   Today during mitigation plea, his sentencing concluded and the convicted molester was set free of any more jail term.  He was given mercy by the court and imposed two fines instead of the maximum jail term of 4 years upon conviction at the Supreme Court.    Baptist had been remanded to the Belize Central Prison since his conviction but this morning Justice Troadio Gonzalez imposed two fines, a $5,000 fine of which Baptist  was ordered to pay $1,000 by May 31, 2013 and the balance in two payments by January 31, 2014 in default 1 year imprisonment.   The second fine imposed was a $6,000 fine of which he was order to pay   by January 2014 in default 2 years.   The  judge informed him that if the first payment is not paid, the whole sum of the fines must be paid forthwith or he must serve time.      The victim, who is now 15-years old, had testified in the trial that Baptist Sr., first had sexual intercourse with her back in 2003, and then on three other occasions had molested her.   On conviction at the Supreme Court for carnal knowledge, Baptist was facing a minimum of 12 years imprisonment but tonight he is home, slapped with two fines.

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