Guilty of double murder; Ervin Reneau jailed for life

45 year old Ervin Alexander Reneau accused of the murders of security guards 39 year old David Allan Longsworth and Edgar Ayala almost six years ago on November 30, 2010 was convicted by Supreme Court Justice Adolph Lucas, sitting without a jury. Delivering the oral judgment vlcsnap-2016-06-07-09h33m44s122today, Justice Lucas stated that after carefully considering the whole evidence brought against Reneau in the trial, quote, “I am sure he (Reneau) shot and killed Longsworth and Ayala on November 30, 2010…” End quote. Reneau was equally sure he would be set free, but instead he has been jailed for the remainder of his life, twice over, though the sentences are to run concurrently and not consecutively since both murders stemmed from the same incident and same facts.  On November 30, 2010, Reneau went to the Texaco Gas Station where he relieved Ayala of his gun and then shot him; he then went over to Longsworth’s vehicle, where he was with his wife and family including two children and shot him as well, apparently believing that Longsworth saw him when he shot and killed Ayala and did not want any witnesses. Reneau gave a caution statement to police; the prosecution also presented as well evidence coming from a friend who was with Reneau on the day of the double murder who saw him shoot Ayala. In the case of Longsworth, ballistic tests on the 9-millimeter pistol recovered from the scene found that the weapon was used to kill both men. According to a former girlfriend of Reneau’s who testified, he gave her the weapon to hide; she then gave it to a cousin and informed police who claimed the weapon from her. Reneau spoke from the dock and claimed that the police arrested tvlcsnap-2016-06-07-09h32m30s028he wrong man because of the time; he was at his mother’s home watching the 6:30 Channel 7 newscast when he heard the police talking about a double murder. After the verdict, reporters spoke with the late David Longsworth’s parents, Pastor Howell and Gladys Longsworth.vlcsnap-2016-06-07-09h32m19s556

Howell Longsworth, Father of Deceased: We do not rejoice in anybody’s misfortune. And even from the first time, I think the first interview that heard our heart; that we had let go so that the hate and anger does not consume us. We forgave them. People may not understand that, but we want the same thing to happen because hate continues in family that’s why we’re having repeated murders and killings. If we forgive and let go, God is our justifier and as the judge said, he needs redemption so we will be praying for his salvation. That is our responsibility as pastors.

Gladys Longsworth, Mother of David Longsworth: We have forgiven him because we know where our son is and we pray for his redemption; that he can come to that place where he will ask the Lord to forgive him. and that’s what we are praying forvlcsnap-2016-06-07-09h32m41s117

The trial began in February and was prosecuted by Shanice Lovell of the DPP’s office. A written judgement will be given at a later date.

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