Gunman opens fire on Belize City home; two hurt

Three men are lucky to be alive after a gunman opened fire at a home on Jane Usher Boulevard Extension. Friday afternoon, three men were at the residence when an unmasked gunman entered the property. He approached Cecil Hinds who was outside the home and shot him four times. He then made his way into the house where he came upon Moses Del Cid and shot him to the face. The bullet entered through Cid’s jaw and exited through his cheek. The owner of the home was underneath the house, sleeping, when he heard the gunshots, the gunman then attempted to shoot him, but the gun jammed and he ran to safety. After the gunman left the property, Hinds managed to drive him and Del Cid to the hospital. Both men, who were said to have been working on the house at the time of the shooting, and are in stable condition. Police say they have one man detained. Another shooting also happened in Belize City, this time on Lakeview Street. According to police, 20 year old Shaquille was standing on the street when a man approached him and fired a single shot at him. The bullet entered the left side of his neck and exited through the right side. Police say they are investigating.

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