Guzman Acquitted of Carnal Knowledge

A jury of 4 men and 5 women found 33 year old Michael Guzman, former Technical Drawing Teacher of Belmopan Comprehensive High school, not guilty for charges of unlawful sexual intercourse and carnal knowledge. In 2014 Guzman was accused of having sexual intercourse with a 14 year old student of the same school. He was charged with 1 count of Carnal Knowledge and two counts of Unlawful sexual intercourse. After a long drawn out case Guzman walked out of the Belmopan Supreme Court on Thursday July 16th a free man; acquitted of all three charges.

 Michael Guzman “A thousand pounds came off of my shoulders. It’s a lot of stress going through something like this and to come with this verdict now, I’m very happy.”

vlcsnap-2015-07-21-11h25m16s71– “Were you always satisfied, convinced that you would’ve come out of the courts free?”

Michael Guzman – “Well, I presented that facts and the jury saw that I was not guilty. The facts are the facts and if I can present that in court, I believe that they would’ve seen the truth and they did. Thank God.”

Reporter – “The thing is that you didn’t have an attorney but you still got an acquittal for the charges.”

Michael Guzman – “Well as I said, I just presented the facts – don’t need a lawyer to do that.”

Michael Guzman presented his case without an attorney, after listening to his case the 9 jurors, based on unanimous decision, found him not guilty.

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