Half a million looted from Treasury?

Tonight the Government of Belize faces some financial worries, as police are investigating a reported theft from the Treasury. Certainly more than $350,000 and reports say as much as half a million, up to reportedly a million dollars was taken in several installments. But how was it done? Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Dean Barrow, briefed earlier this week by Financial Secretary Joseph Waight, says certain officials participated in a scam involving Government accounts.

Dean Barrow – Prime Ministervlcsnap-2015-04-17-09h24m30s189

“There’s some official or officials who ran some sort of a scam in terms of legitimate payments for particular accounts, changing account numbers while perhaps retaining the name. It seems initially the banks were only concerned that the account number given did in fact exist. What the FS told me is that basically it was the banks, or one of the banks, that eventually realized that there was a mismatch between the particular name and the particular account number. So it was the banks or a bank which first, as I understand it, sounded the alarm.”

While police are still investigating the Prime Minister says arrests, as of when he was last briefed, are yet to come

Dean Barrow

The Police are involved. The Police feel that there is more evidence they need, at least up to Tuesday, before arrests or an arrest would take place. That’s as far as I know. I’ve been in Belize City yesterday and today and no doubt by later today or tomorrow the FS will give me an update.”


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