Hand in Hand Ministries and BEL Finishes New House for Another Needy Family











On Thursday afternoon afternoon Port Loyola resident Shantel Card was the recipient of a $16,000 home donated and constructed by Belize Electricity Limited (BEL) along with Hand in Hand Ministries.  The energy company’s employees and Ms. Card herself worked through an entire weekend to build the 16-foot by 16-foot wooden structure with added bathroom, zinc roofing and aluminum louvers, while also contributing electric hookup. Today the relieved homeowner told reporters about the wonderful feeling of having a proper roof over her head.

vlcsnap-2013-11-22-19h51m49s243vlcsnap-2013-11-22-19h32m16s168New house grantee:  “I’m more than happy because we ah see a brighter Christmas da like wa Christmas gift”.

Reporter:  “Where were you living before?”

New house grantee:  “Well, we were living outside because da mih so much a we.   So, dis one da was plus for me.

Reporter:  “How many children do you have?   How many people occupy the house?

New house grantee:  “Well, da like four ah we occupy the most…I can say Christmas gift”.                                     

Part of the experience is that the prospective homeowner has to do some of the work themselves. Hand in Hand Ministries is active across the Caribbean, Central America and the United States, while BEL has its own favored community initiatives ranging from Dara’s Feeding Program to the Mental Health Day Care and Resource Center.

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