Hard Times For Family Following Murder

vlcsnap-2014-02-26-07h42m12s222On Monday we reported that 44-year-old Mr. Thomas Ferguson Sr. lost the battle for his life on Saturday, February 22nd.

Mr. Ferguson had been in the hospital since December 7th of last year after he was stabbed, allegedly by his nephew one Oliver Peters, who will now be charged with murder.

Reports are that Mr. Thomas Ferguson was at his home when Oliver Peters allegedly came brandishing a knife, and stabbed him in his chest as soon as he opened the door, right in front of his son.

On Tuesday we spoke to his wife Lorraine who says her husband had been improving since leaving hospital, but complications which set in led to his readmittance and death.

vlcsnap-2014-02-26-07h51m53s155Loraine Ferguson – Wife of Deceased

“He was doing great.  Some days he good, and some days he bad.  Some days I ask ah if he OK, and he say ‘Yes’.  The nurse told me that he would have come out of the hospital well, they would have taken out the thing from his throat and they would have teach him how to walk but 2 days after my husband got worse and the doctor said that he had complications because of the stab wound.  He had water in his lungs and they say that his heart was too weak, it wasn’t functioning well and bacteria was in his blood and his pressure goes up and down.”

Now, Mrs. Ferguson says she has eight children to raise, the youngest six years old, while coping a with a heavy hospital bill and funeral arrangements.

Mrs. Loraine Ferguson

“I don’t even have a job.  He was the breadwinner.  He was the one who was bringing everything in for the children and me.  I don’t know how that bill will be paid $28,000 – I don’t know how it will be paid because the family doesn’t really have the money to say well to help me assist to pay the bill.  I am the one who signed it, so if anything I will be the one to face the court.”

Clarence Pascasio, who also lives in the area and is the nephew of the deceased, told us that the dispute which led to Thomas Ferguson’s stabbing and death at the hands of Oliver Peters centered on land.

vlcsnap-2014-02-26-07h54m20s98Mr. Clarence Pascasio – Nephew of Deceased/Cousin of Accused

“The Thursday before the fight happened, they had an argument out here, across from my house.  I came out and I helped push him away from my uncle, He threatened my uncle.  So the Friday evening I left to go to work.  When I got to work, another uncle called me and asked me if I knew of any incident that happened back in the family yard.  I told him ‘No’, So I called my younger brother to find out.  He told me that my cousin stabbed my uncle.  When I came down, everybody was at the hospital already.  The night when I came here I met him at the back here because he was here lingering around the family yard, so I called the police, I stayed back and have the police picked him up and took him and when he went to the police station, he said that he got what he deserved and that he did it for a reason because due to a little situation with the family.  He is someone who always goes to drink and comes back here and tortures and harasses his own family.  He always wants to disrespect his family.”

Anyone who can assist the family may contact Mr. Clarence Pascasio, Ferguson’s nephew, at 634-7413.

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