Harvest for Kids: Harvest not Great but Still Good

vlcsnap-2015-11-10-23h46m09s184Belize endured some a long dry season this year that threatened to destroy the year’s harvest. The crops mostly affected were corn and soy bean. vlcsnap-2015-11-10-23h42m24s148Unfortunately for the Belize Camping Experience, a Christian camping program that is funded by the Harvest for Kids initiative, BCE’s financing arm, soy beans was their chosen crop. But the Belize camping
experience had faith and at the end of the year turned out with a successful harvest. Josie Gongora, volunteer at the Belize Camping Experience and the development director for BCE stopped by our studios earlier today to talk about Saturday’s harvest of soy beans.


Josie Gongora, Development Director, BCE: I think we all know it was a very dry season this year. However we did have a harvest of corn in October and right now in November we had a harvest of soy beans. A lot of people ask how comes you guys still have a harvest you know? It’s a matter of trust in God and I think that God wants to bless Belize through the kids. We didn’t have the yield as we wanted to have but we had a very good harvest. For the soy beans we got 12 sacks per acre, and we had 40 acres so you can do the math for that, but it vlcsnap-2015-11-10-23h38m25s223was still a very good harvest. For me the highlight would be the amount of people coming out to see these events and to see these programs and the whole purpose of planting the seeds of hope.

Emmanuel Pech, Reporter: Were you guys able to meet the threshold? I know before you set out a certain amount of harvest that will be translated in the revenue for you guys to continue to do this. Were you guys able to meet that threshold or how short did you fall of it?

 Josie Gongora, Development Director, BCE: It is a very good question you know but there’s still expenses to go. For every harvest you need to raise for expenses of machinery, for fertilizers, and there’s a whole list to go with it. For the 1st harvest, I think all of it was covered. For this 1 I am not quite sure because I don’t want to get into trouble but I think, there’s still more to fund raise for next year but we are blessed. We are blessed with what we have. There are people out there who want to support, there are still opportunities to get involved. We’re not asking for specifically money but even your time.vlcsnap-2015-11-10-23h43m20s96

All of the funds that remain after meeting expenses will go towards the Belize Camping Experience 2016.

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