Harvest for Kids Receives Corporate Support; Needs Yours

vlcsnap-2014-05-21-01h19m28s96Harvest for Kids is a unique program that takes Belize City Children and place them in planting fields in rural areas; all to foster a love for agriculture in children who may otherwise not have such an experience.

The last harvest the participants did was 20 acres of corn in the Cayo district.

Now, Harvest for kids has its focus on rice production. They have also been donated a number of acres to plant and harvest their rice in the Blue Creek area. Alex Perez, who spearheads the initiative, told us more .

vlcsnap-2014-05-21-01h11m25s220Alexander Perez- Harvest for Kids

“Two months ago, we had two generous farmers who donated 20 acres of land specific for rice.  That is in Blue Creek, Orange Walk.  A month ago, we planted 20 acres of rice.  So, what we are doing this year is to show the kids and you harvest rice.  It is the same thing like last year: the farmer donates the land, and we as a children organization, have to raise the funds to cover the fertilizer, the seeds or labour.  At the end, hopefully we have a harvest.  The Lord of the harvest will bless us with a good harvest”.

It takes a lot of assistance and support to put off such a programme and Perez says those who wish to help should look for the Circle R rice brand with the Harvest for Kids support statement on the package.

vlcsnap-2014-05-21-01h22m05s143Alexander Perez:  “One of the exciting things is the..by now everyone would know that the harvest is in every beg of every rice bag from Circle R.  So, what is happening is that anyone that purchases that rice, a part of the proceeds go towards the kids of Belize Camping Experience Program.  One of the good things is that the price does not go up; it remains the same.  Just part of the portion goes to the kids”.

The rice harvest is scheduled for June 21st, and Perez says they are praying for good weather to ensure a bountiful harvest. If you would like to assist beyond purchasing the Circle R rice, you can contact Perez at telephone number 621-5541.

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