Has the President of the University of Belize Applied to Resign?

vlcsnap-2013-11-13-07h37m34s175UB logoThe President of the University of Belize, Dr. Carey Frazer, has released a statement regarding rumors that he intends to resign from the institution.   When we spoke with Dr. Frazer on Tuesday, he informed us that he had been approached about leaving, but that he would only make a public statement after he has made a decision.   But word of a possible resignation sent the media into a frenzy and today, the President decided to clarify those rumors.  In his press release, Dr. Frazer makes note of the terms and agreement of his five year contract. In doing so, he outlines the specifications of resignation and dismissal laid out in the contract, which reads as follows:

Piled up University Books“If the person engaged shall at any time after the signing hereof refuse to comply with his duties as President, or shall misconduct himself in a gross manner as determined by the Board, the Board may, after giving the person engaged a reasonable opportunity to answer any allegations of failure to comply with his duties or gross misconduct, recommend to the Prime Minister that the person engaged be dismissed from office, whereupon the Prime Minister, after consultation with the Leader of the Opposition, may advise the Governor General to dismiss the person engaged; and on such dismissal, all rights and advantages reserved to the person engaged by this Agreement shall cease.”

Still picture of eyeglasses on LaptopMeanwhile, Clause 2 states “After the expiration of three months, the person engaged may at anytime, determine his engagement by giving the Board three months’ notice, or on paying three months’ salary in lieu of notice.” And Clause 3  “If the person engaged terminates his engagement before the expiration of this Agreement otherwise than in accordance with this section he shall be liable to pay the Board, as liquidated damages, three months’ salary.”

Dr. Frazer says that he has written to the Prime Minister to clarify certain issues with him and will seek a meeting with the PM, upon the national leader’s return to the country.

“On November 1, 2013, thirteen days ago, the President announced at the commencement of a Board Meeting that he was considering an appointment that would take him away from the University and that if he decided to accept that offer he would be leaving the University of Belize by mid-2014.

Still pic of Eyegalsses on bookvlcsnap-2013-11-08-11h03m45s121On November 6 the President wrote to the Prime Minister of Belize and advised him that “I have made the decision that I will leave the University of Belize at the end of the current academic year.”  That letter was copied to the Leader of the Opposition and to the Minister of Education and the President emailed a copy of the correspondence to me on November 9”.      

Plus News understands that an internal and external assessment was recently conducted at the end of Dr. Fraser’s first two years of residency at the University.

The agenda says the Board is “UB President, Dr. Cary Fraser, letter to Prime Minister of Belize, Hon. Dean Barrow, on his intention to step down as President at the end of the academic year 2013-2014.”

A press conference which was held on this Thursday, which highlighted the application for resignation of their beloved staff member.

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