Hattieville couple’s dispute turns deadly

A separated couple’s encounter on Sunday afternoon turned fatal for the woman’s employee, who was in the wrong place at the wrong time. year old construction worker Steve Munnings was killed in his yard in the village, struck in the head with a piece of 2 by 4 board. The accused killer Hugh Dyer, had allegedly accosted his ex-partner 26 year old Michelle Brakeman by putting a knife to her throat and demanding her house keys, which she had given to Munnings as he was working on fixing her septic tank. She accompanied him to Munnings’ house where the two men struggled and Munnings was hit once in the head with the board, which reportedly caused his death. Brakeman spoke off-camera to PLUS News today and gave her account of the incident.

Voice of: Michelle Brakeman –  Witnessed Attackvlcsnap-2015-07-21-11h16m22s71

“I gave him the key to come to finish up. My boyfriend had cut my key and I got it back from him.I knew that he would have come to harass me for the key so I said ill just go. When I passed by Mr. Munnings, I stopped by him and asked him if he will still come to fix the bathroom for me. He told me yes but that he was cooking and when he is finished he would come to do it. I told him to hold this key for me and that I will text him and tell him where to bring it for me when I was ready to go home.”


“Around what time was this yesterday?”

 Voice of: Michelle Brakeman

Around … after 2. I gave him the key and he held it for me and I went to my friends house. While I was sitting at my friends house, my boyfriend came and approach me and started to hit me and ask where the key was.  I asked him why he was doing this and this is my own house key.  He said that he didn’t want to hear that and that he wants the key. I told him to just leave me alone and I am going for the key. He asked me who had the key. I just went and got the key back from the man that I gave it to. While the man went for the key inside his house.. and came out back, he went into the yard and hit him with a piece of stick.”



“So your boyfriend followed to Mr. Munnings house?”

 Voice of: Michelle Brakeman

“Yes, and knocked him with a piece of stick.”


According to Brakeman, she only had time to witness her ex punching a defenseless Munnings on the ground before she ran away and reported the matter to police. Deputy O.C. of Eastern Division Rural with responsibility for Hattieville, Inspector Rochelle Chen, details what police know so far.


Inspector Rochelle Chen – Deputy O.C, Hattieville Sub-Formationvlcsnap-2015-07-21-11h42m49s80

” In relation to the investigation of Steve Munnings, there is a clear indication that there was an assault that lead to his death. he investigation revealed that it might have  arisen from a key that was being sought ed by the suspect. They key allegedly is for a resident owned by the suspect. Mr. Munnings seemed to be working within the residence, hence the reason he has access to the key. Due to the domestic issues the suspect had with his wife probably came to this issue.”


“Could this have been prevented as far as police are aware?”

 Inspector Rochelle Chen

“Everything can be prevented if the response and the public… the police and the public work together along with the media.”

Thirty-one year old Hugh Dyer, a labourer of Foster Drive, Hattieville, has munnings20.7.15esince been charged with the murder of Steve Munnings. Dyer was remanded into custody until October 20.

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