Hattiville Youth’s Life Cut Short by Stabbing Incident

vlcsnap-2014-04-07-20h41m34s36He had a promising future as an athlete, but his life was cut short in the blink of an eye on Friday night.

17 year old Richard Waight, Jr., of Hattieville, Belize District, died at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital after receiving a stab wound to the chest during an assault following a fight on the village’s basketball court next to the police station.

ASP Chris Noble, who leads the Police Department’s Belize Rural formation, updates on the investigation thus far.

vlcsnap-2014-04-07-17h54m39s102Chris Noble- Assistance Superintendent of Police

 “There was an incident, which may have been a fight or a brawl on the basketball court that is very near to the station, besides the community center in the village.  Like I said, we have one person un custody that we believe can assist us with the investigation.  That person, whether or not she is charged, [she is not]…would be left up to what the rest of the investigation reveals”.

A second teenager, aged 16, was also stabbed during the assault. Police report that a fight had broken out on the court between two Hattieville teenagers and an older man was trying to part it.  That man was then assaulted and this was when the teenagers were wound. Police have detained one adult male and a minor male as part of their investigations.Waight’s family is devastated to say the least, and his father, Richard Sr., recounts the last harrowing moments of his son’s life.

vlcsnap-2014-04-07-18h04m18s255Richard Waight Sr.- Father of the Deaceased

“I find mih son dih luk fih ded, tinkin dat I gohn sih mih son; probably e jos ga wa lee stab woung.  When I get deh, I realize da no stab woung weh gwain dong, I dih tel mih frend, you know e get stab.  So, e wa haf fih stay eena hospital and then, tumarro we gwain go bringopah, no?  Iget deh, I feel mydelf in a cool pain…my son…bway, me gah latta pain.  My son ded eena latta pain.  E no really mih canshos, caz like e een an out , but at least I know that Ah dih deh rite?  Basically weh he she unto me da… e bawl out and seh, dad, I dih eena pain, I keah tek it..and all I dih tel my lee son, try breathe, try breathe an no stap breathe, you keah stap breathe, and I watcha right deh jos dih go. I andastan da right pa wa paati dehn du dat mein, I dih tel yu. Deh no andastan di way how dehn mek yu feel”.

The elder Waight showed us his son’s various certificates and other achievements as he spoke of a life well lived.

vlcsnap-2014-04-07-20h47m54s106vlcsnap-2014-04-07-20h46m57s49Richard Waight Sr.:  “Evri minnit hihn dih eena wa lee program weh…or sohnding concerns sports or you nuoa…my son hihn jos mih lov sports so much dat he no mek a latta frends.  He mih lov futbaal and goals he mih score too.  I tel you, wa bally mih interested eena dih man, mein; e mih waa kearah go lackan dong fuh mek e practis al ah dehn ting… yu noua?”

Waight was being scouted by semi-pro football champions Belmopan Bandits.

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