“He Missed the Point” Hon. Fonseca says About Minister Castro

Today at a press briefing, the leader of the Opposition spoke on Hon. Edmund Castro’s explanation of his personal use of public funds at yesterday’s House meeting.   Today, the PUP leader said Castro got it wrong when he suggested that he was being blamed for the 76 cheques made out to his and various other interests by the Belize Airports Authority.

The Airports Authority, Fonseca went on to say, has only offered explanations for two of the cheques issued to entities not related to Castro: Bowen and Bowen, though that was to pay for beverages at a Belize Rural North function, and the Dental Clinic cheque for a family relative of a Board member to receive dental care.

The one the PUP say they appear most sympathetic about is the coverage of funeral expenses for Castro’s mother. The PUP leader recently lost his own mother, but says it is still no excuse as that is not what the Authority is there for.

vlcsnap-2014-02-06-19h24m43s174Hon. Francis Fonseca- Leader of the Opposition

“Castro did not refuse any of the other cheques.  He spent a lot of time talking about his mother’s funeral expenses and we obviously sympathize, I lost my mother last year.  So, I know how that feels, but the Belize Airport Authority is not there to pay for anybody’s mother’s funeral regardless of how sympathetic you are.  He missed the point completely; the BAA is not there to deal with these matters, is not there to pay for people’s school tutition, or to pay for any bar-b-q or anything in Belize Rural North, that is not the purpose of the Belize Airport Authority’s funds, man.  So, that is the fundamental point”. 

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