Health Ministry hunts missing hospital equipment

The Ministry of Health has turned to an unusual source to locate surgical equipment stolen from the community hospital in Corozal two weeks ago. We hear more from CEO Dr. Peter Allen.

Dr. Peter Allen, CEO Ministry of Health: It’s really a shame you would say that such a thing can happen. This is an electrosurgical unitvlcsnap-2015-09-24-19h39m28s7 so essentially it’s something like an electric scalpel. Has a value of about $26,000. dollars and clearly the number of people who have use for a surgical scalpel is extremely limited. So our hope is that those very few people who may be interested in procuring a surgical scalpel that has been stolen from a public hospital would be interested enough, patriotic enough to report that matter to the authorities.

The matter has been reported to police and the Ministry has issued a warning that whomever sees the item should not buy it but report it to authorities. The new surgical ward at the Corozal Community Hospital is to be opened by the end of this month and cost between $800,000 and $1 million to build and equip. The stolen equipment is valued at $22,000.

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