Health Ministry publicizes Zika sensitization plan to Belize City Council

Today the Ministry of Health’s Central Health Region hosted a sensitization meeting for staff members of the Belize City Council at City Hall on North Front Street. It is part of a nationwide campaign to raise awareness of the Zika virus and its potential threat to Belize, despite not having any cases confirmed as yet. Mayor Darrell Bradley, in opening the meeting, stated that it is important that the municipal councils get the facts so that they properly address the concerns of residents: While Belize is still Zika-free, 28 countries, most in the Americas, have now confirmed active transmission of the virus, from Mexico to Brazil. The virus is also present in one African country and two Pacific islands. Central Health Region Manager Doctor Javier Zuniga has an update on the Ministry’s efforts, noting that the two sample cases sent to the CARPHA regional lab in Trinidad are still not complete for results:  The Ministry’s plans to combat Zika include stepping up spraying of mosquito-infested areas and working with neighbourhoods to attack the hosts of Zika as well as chikungunya and dengue fever at their source. Signs and symptoms of Zika include fever, joint and muscle pain, headache, conjunctivitis and rash and only in rare cases is it fatal. The Ministry continues to perform surveillance for cases but no others have been reported so far.vlcsnap-2016-02-18-13h43m16s422vlcsnap-2016-02-18-13h42m13s767vlcsnap-2016-02-18-13h43m03s734

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