Health Sector needs financial attention says Toledo West Area Rep.

One of the main focuses of the debate at the House of Representatives yesterday was the BTL settlement bill and while the Government danced to the sound of another settlement reached by this administration, according to the member for Toledo West Hon. Oscar Requeña, at the end of the day, many rural communities do not have adequate health facilities. He said that the millions being paid now because government had refused to pay a mortgage debenture which has now doubled six years later would have been better invested in the Health sector. While makingvlcsnap-2015-09-16-19h10m29s207 his point he also noted the rat infestation that the Western Regional hospital is still grappling with.

Hon. Oscar Requena: That is money that can be put into a health system to make sure that rats are not biting our children in hospitals Mr. Speaker. That is where the money should be going. That is money that can be used Mr. Speaker to ensure that the Southern Regional Hospital has all the necessary equipment to ensure that our pregnant women can get the necessary attention. I am sadden to speak here today Mr. Speaker. I am sadden to speak here today. Just Sunday we buried a young mother in Big Falls  because allegedly she had to be transferred to Belmopan Western Regional Hospital because they lacked a basic oxygen valve in the Southern Regional Hospital, and eventually she died at the KHMH. This is where the millions of dollars should be going.

Hon. Michael Finnegan, member for Mesopotamia, responded to his comments.

vlcsnap-2015-09-15-23h14m35s246Hon. Michael Finnegan: Uno nuh have nothing good fuh seh bout the doctors they da Belize? All uno do da run down the hell service. Look weh uno di glorify ina, and da like uno happy because uno think that wha give uno wah political advantage over the government. Wah rat end up inna the thing and bite the lee baby, oh God we sorry fu that but da nuh Barrow send the rat inna the place gaan bite the baby. Da nuh Finnegan gaans end the rat in deh gaan bite the baby. The hospital da Cayo is run by the Public Service. Some Public officer is in charge of maintaining and keeping the hospital, or maintaining the competence of the hospital weh nuh di do his job. So what you a do? You a blast Barrow fu that? You think da Barrow actually tek the rat and kere it inna the incubator and drop ah in deh and tella bite baby bite.

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