Healthy Reef Initiative has strong concerns about proposed cruise ship terminal

vlcsnap-2013-05-29-20h49m19s176On Wednesday, we told you about opposition that has come up against the proposed cruise terminal at Crawl Caye. GOB has gone on record saying that they have been in talks with the Norwegian Cruise Line about the port, but that it is still for the most part, in the idea phrase. As we reported, the BTIA has voiced its disapproval of the project, and so have a handful of tourists and locals, who sent out those grievances vie email; more of those emails came pouring in again today. And joining battle cry is The Healthy Reef Initiative. The organization says they have strong concerns over the project and hopes that Cabinet will “conclude the entertaining of this idea with a firm rejection We acknowledge that  cruise passengers would  have an improved experience and NCL would make massive additional profits by exercising complete control over  their island base,  but at what cost to Belize  and  Belizeans?” The potential ramifications says The Healthy Reef, include environmental loss, including massive mangrove clearing and marine dredging… (and) possible oil spills, loss of the Belize Barrier Reef Reserve –  world heritage site, degradation of the value of two main tourism destinations: Placencia and Hopkins and increased economic hardship in Belize City. Now all these concerns resonates with those of the BTIA, as well as civilians, concerns that Hon. Godwin Hulse has assured, will be taken into consideration, before works go forward. Lastly, the Healthy Reef Iniative says that they are requesting a seat at that discussion table. This letter, by the Healthy Reef was forwarded to the Prime Minister of Belize, the Hon. Dean Barrow. The Federation of Cruise Tourism Association of Belize has also opposed to the terminal, in a letter addressed to the Minister of Tourism, Manuel Heredia.

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