Helpage honouring senior mothers]


The 10th day of May is internationally recognized as Mother’s Day. An entire day dedicated to all the wonderful women without whom we wouldn’t be in this world today. Help age Belmopan saw the importance of celebrating their senior mothers at this morning’s senior session.


Evan Dakers – Chairman, Helpage Belmopanvlcsnap-2015-05-08-10h19m12s118

“We usually have sessions here on Mondays and Thursdays, so today would have been a regular session, but we decided to turn it into a Mother’s Day program. We decided to invite a couple visitors,  guess and of course we have a mother’s day message.  That’s the purposes. That’s basically the message, that mothers should never give up on their children, no matter how bad they are. “


Emanuel Pech– Plus T.V Journalist

“Children should not give up on their parents?”


Evan Dakers

“Well of course! We have had a number of kids who sometimes it seems as if they forget that they have mothers. Yes , children should always remember their mothers no matter how hard life was when they were  growing up., you should never forget your mother. Mothers are very precious people and without them we would never be here.”


With all the hustle and bustle of everyday activity we often overlook the importance of celebrating our mothers. Emily Wade explained why for mothers like her ,saying you love them, is just as important as showing them your love.


Emanuel Pech

“For those children who might not remember or might forget, explain to those people why it is important to remember their mothers. Sometimes they feel like it’s not a big deal but for the mothers it is a big deal. Tell me why.”


Emily Wade – Helpage   Membervlcsnap-2015-05-08-10h28m54s55

It is very important for children to make their mother special at least one time for the year. Make your mommy special. Tell her you love her.  Hug her, kiss her and tell her how much you appreciate what she did for you. Please, if you have not done it before, do it this time. Make your mommy special this time.”


vlcsnap-2015-05-08-10h25m30s66Elizabeth Gibson,the mother of renowned calypso singer Lord Rhaburn, was an honorary guest today at Helpage Belmopan. At her ripe old age of 96, Miss Gibson has seen many moons and remembers a time when parents were a little stricter and when mother’s day had to be remembered. About 70 members of help age Belmopan participated in today’s mother’s day activities. Mother’s Day will be celebrated in all 11 branches of Help Age throughout the week leading up to Sunday May 10th.

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