Hepatitis A update

On Tuesday we told you about the outbreak of Hepatitis A in Buena Vista Village, Cayo District. We have since been attempting to secure an interview with an official from the Ministry of Health to speak on the matter but have been declined.

However on Tuesday our media colleagues at Love FM spoke to the CEO in the Ministry of Health, who told them the Ministry has it under control.


Peter Allen – CEO in the Ministry of Health

“I don’t know why I am surprised that the media knows more about these thinsg than I ever expect them to, but indeed we appear to have an outbreak of Hepatitis A in that particular school.

Hepatitis A is a food or water-borne disease.

Our staff have been working with the school for the last week, and actually were presenting with a Parent-Teachers Associating Meeting just last night, in the village.

We believe the outbreak is controlled, but  we are still searching for what in these types of cases we call the index case, the primary case from which the other cases may have become infected .  So we’re still working on that, but we do believe we have it under control.  We are actively engaged from the Ministry of Health, the staff of the school, with the parents of the children, and of course with the children themselves.”


Up until now,, there are 22 confirmed cases of Hepatitis A in the village of Buena Vista, Cayo District; 21 students and 1 teacher all from the Buena Vista Government School. However though 22 cases have been confirmed, authorities believe the actual number of cases is higher. Ministry personnel have been on the ground at Buena Vista Village since last week but have yet to determine the origin of the food and water borne virus.

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