High-risk prisoners are isolated from general prison population

Though by agreement with authorities they will not be mentioned by name in this story, a senior police officer accused of unlawful sexual assault on a teenager and an international con artist believed to have masterminded the murder by beheading of a prominent pastor are the two latest high-profile persons currently calling the Central Prison at Hattieville home.

Internationally, such well-recognized individuals are usually kept for their own safety away from the general prison population, who are not known to take kindly to such persons in their midst. CEO of Kolbe Foundation Virgilio Murillo today gave a general description of how the Central Prison is handling these individuals:vlcsnap-2016-07-28-09h48m41s145

Virgilio Murillo, CEO of Kolbe Foundation;

We have several; what we would call high profile or we would call high risk inmates and we have protocols in place for those types of people, we have systems and procedures and protocols as I said with respect to their visits with respect to their movements, recreation etc. but these guys are kept in a separate housing area, an area that, as far as I am concerned is very secure so there should be no cause for alarm that they would escape or that they would be hurt or that kind of stuff.

While the accused con artist/murderer/kidnapper is not expected to try for bail, the senior police officer has legal representation and is not barred from making bail except to honor conditions usually set by the courts. The accused has maintained his innocence and – once he gets out – intends to hold on to his high position in the Police until he is transferred elsewhere.

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