High school student found with 9mm pistol

News coming out of Punta Gorda is that a high school student was found in the possession of a 9mm pistol on a school bus. But if you think the gun was immediately confiscated and that was the end of it, well not so. As the student was defiant to keep the weapon; but he was no match for Police, as after a couple attempts, they were able to retrieve the weapon before the situation took a dangerous turn. Today, we spoke with Sr. Superintendent Alton Alvarez, commanding the Intermediate Southern formation about the matter. He told us that a civilian who was on the school bus saw the 18 year old student with the weapon. He relayed what happened next.

Senior Superintendent Alton Alvarez – Intermediate Southern Formation:
vlcsnap-2013-05-21-20h18m04s65The person who gave us the information, that information came in the day before.  Apparently he was on the school bus destined to that area, Big Falls, when he saw a firearm resembling a 9mm with the student.  So based on that information, which came in the 14th of the evening, we decided to conduct an operation.  On the following day we visited the school.  We spoke to the student, and the other student which was a female, who allegedly had the firearm in their possession.

The next time Police would see him was when he brought a toy gun to the station, saying that that was the gun he had on the bus. The Police didn’t buy his story however and soon thereafter, he took them to an area in Big Falls on the early morning of the 15th; there they recovered the weapon.

Senior Superintendent Alton Alvarez – Intermediate Southern Formation:
Before he was actually detained, he came back with the firearm resembling the 9mm, which at the time was a toy pistol. So we didn’t believe that.  So he was detained until the following morning, when he decided to communicate with the Police, and he volunteered to take the Police to an abandoned house in the village of Big Falls, where the Police recovered the firearm. It was a true 9mm without rounds in it.

The firearm was later identified as that of a Police’s Officer’s gun, which was reportedly stolen at a wake in the village. Sr. Superintendent Alvarez informed us that Police continue their investigations which will determine charges that will be levied on the 18 year old.

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