High School Students in Belize City receive supplies

The nation’s schools reopened a few weeks ago and while learning is taking place, some students have difficulty acquiring even the basic school supplies they need. Moses Sulph’s Hands of Mercy charity foundation is seeking to close the gap and has received a donation from the New York Belizean-American Committee of composition notebooks, pens, pencils and schoolbags. Mr Sulph told PLUS News that the reality of some students at school is much starker than one thinks.

Moses Sulph – Hands of Mercy:

vlcsnap-2013-09-25-11h33m58s35From visiting schools since schools opened, we’ve realized that there are still kids within school who do not have the adequate amount of basic school supplies they need.  Even many of the children are going to school without shoes. They have to use slippers.  Many of them also have torn-up shoes.  So it’s a great concern of mine, and I think it’s also a great concern of my organization.  I’m very happy that there are Belizean-Americans in the US who contributed.  I would want to see a policy be put in place, whereby the Government would take up this policy, to initiate where you have marginalized kids in school, if their families are in the lowest spectrum of the income, then they would provide school; supplies and lunch for these kids.    

vlcsnap-2013-09-25-11h38m53s170The package will be distributed among three City high schools, Sadie Vernon Technical, Maud Williams High and Living Hope Preparatory School. For those who wish to make donations, Moses Sulph emphasizes that they wish the actual supplies to be made available.

Moses Sulph:

We’re not asking for a monetary donation.  We’re asking for school supplies.  If you can’t get the school supplies because it would be inconvenient to you,  then we’ll accept the monetary donations.  If you have any used footwear that your kids have, or anything that they don’t want, or new footwear that you don’t want also, you can donate it so that we can help the kids within the school, who are coming to school and is in this condition.   

Moses Sulph can be contacted at 667-4151 or via Facebook.

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