Highway Accident involves bus, truck, and Mennonite house

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vlcsnap-0458-10-28-11h12m38s294There was a traffic accident this afternoon at mile 24 on the George Price Highway. That incident involved a public transport bus for  James bus line, a dump truck , and a Mennonite house being transported on the highway.  The passenger bus was headed to Belize City  and  the vlcsnap-2761-05-05-14h26m41s704trailer with the house was headed to Belmopan. We understand that the bus pulled off to the side of the road to give the house way to pass. However, the driver of the white dump truck, allegedly tried to squeeze pass the house and this caused both the bus and the truck to fall off the highway. We understand that the conductor of the bus was flung from the vehicle and ended up pinned under the bus, breaking both his legs. Both the driver of the bus, 46 year Glenn Casimiro and the driver of the truck 48 Arthur Cadle, were served with notices of Intended prosecution.

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