Highway accident leaves two injured

There was an accident on the George Price Highway sometime around 9 0’clock Friday morning. A motorcycle collided head on into a white vlcsnap-2016-04-11-10h03m18s723Toyota Hilux Government vehicle in Ontario Village. The driver of the Hilux, 50 year old Ervin Griffith, says he was headed from Central Farm to his work place at the  show grounds in Belmopan and when in Ontario Village,  a motorcycle  travelling in the opposite direction crossed into his oncoming lane to overtake another vehicle and that is when the collision occurred resulting in the injury of the two persons travelling on the motorbike.

On my way to the National Agriculture and Trade Show Grounds I was travelling from Central Farm to the National Agriculture and Trade Show Grounds and upon reaching Ontario with my co-workers, I saw a motorcycle trying to overtake about 4 vehicles in front of him around the curve. When I saw that the motorcycle was coming around the curve, I applied brakes because I didn’t know what was his idea, what he was doing and he crashed into me. After he crashed into me I came out of the vehicle to see what the damage was, and I saw the front end of the White Hilux Toyota completely damaged and the window broken. I saw the two guys on the ground and I called 911 and get to the police and they told me they would call Belmopan police.

The driver of the motorcycle  was a minor, 16 year old Devaughn Reyes and his passenger was 23 year old Erwin Santos, both of Teakettle Village. The teen driver reportedly broke his hip and leg and received varied head and body injuries. He was transferred to Belize City for further medical treatment. The motorcycle passenger also received head and body injuries. Police are investigating. vlcsnap-2016-04-11-10h00m13s465vlcsnap-2016-04-11-10h03m18s723vlcsnap-2016-04-11-10h01m48s694

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