Hilberto Hernandez, guilty of manslaughter, has sentence reduced

vlcsnap-2013-11-05-08h16m01s164vlcsnap-2013-11-05-08h29m49s235The sentence of Hilberto Hernandez on separate charges of manslaughter was extended to 32 years from his original 12. Justice Denis Hanomansingh had sentenced him to 10 years for the killing of Javier Castillo, for which he pleaded down from murder to manslaughter. The judge ordered the sentence to run concurrently to a sentence of 12 years already being served for the attempted murder of his stepbrother. But in the Court of Appeal after submissions from DPP Vidal and attorney Hubert Elrington, the Court substituted a sentence of 20 years for the death of Javier Castillo and ordered it to run consecutively, which he must serve the original 12-year sentence in full and then the further 20-year sentence for a total of 32 years. Javier Castillo was stabbed four times in the abdomen and forearm and then strangled with a cord at his home in Corozal Town.

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