Hilmar Alamilla to stand trial for murder

Forty-two-year-old Hilmar Alamilla will stand trail for the murder of Danny Sosa. That was the determination at the preliminary Inquiry held in the Orange Walk Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday.  Alamilla, said to be the right-hand man of former Deputy Prime Minister Gaspar Vega, allegedly shot and killed Sosa in July 2017 while they were inside Alamilla’s pickup truck. It is reported that Alamilla, Sosa, Gustavo Hernandez, and another person were all inside the truck when Sosa was shot.  Sosa’s body was then dumped in the parking lot of a hotel but police linked the murder to Alamilla after a bullet hole was found in the pickup truck’s windshield. Interestingly, just two months after Sosa was killed, the other person said to have been in the vehicle as a witness to the crime, Gustavo Hernandez, was also murdered in Orange Walk Town.  At Wednesday’s court session, Magistrate Albert Hoare formally committed Alamilla to stand trial. A list of witnesses to be used by the prosecutor was also given into evidence and during the proceedings, the prosecution officially noted that witnesses are being intimidated by friends of the accused

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