Hip-hop 101 Summer Camp aims to be positive experience for youth

Another school year is coming to a close and that means summer is almost here; for children, summer is all about vacation and fun.  However there are numerous camps which different organizations host yearly to have kids engages in diligent summer activities. Plus news spoke with James Gentle, owner of JAG Camp Entertainment who shared with us about a music and drumming camp he will be hosting.

James Gentle – Owner of JAG Camp Entertainment:
vlcsnap-2013-06-12-17h09m49s9Hip-hop 101 Summer Camp is going to be dynamic I think for young people in Belmopan as well as the entire Cayo District and [the rest] of the country as long as you can reach here. What we’re hoping to do is gear young people to be better able to express themselves. Through that what we’re gonna to be doing, we’re going to teach you guys to write songs with music of course, which is going to be originally produced by Belizean hit-makers.
I’m hoping that each song that a kid writes will be able to tell a story of how that individual sees the country of Belize and how they see their environment, how they see society, how they see themselves.  Hopefully it creates an opportunity for them to better express themselves.  We’re going to be hosting a camp for two-week sessions.  We’re going to have three two-week sessions, starting from July first, finishing up on the 9th of August.

A common concern with HIP-HOP though is it’s vulgar language. We asked Mr Gentle about the music he be exposing the children to and the content of the workshop.

James Gentle – Owner of JAG Camp Entertainment:
The sessions will be held at the Emporium Building, number 207 on the second floor.  Along with that on Saturdays we’re also be holding Marching Band Drill Classes, to learn different drill routines and drum routines.  We’re going to actually have two three-week session of that, which a child can sign up by hour or by day or by week.
Those people who know me as a musician from now and the past, many things that I have never done as a musician is to use profanity in music. I’m very sure to find a way to educate myself and educate my people and trying to think of the positive side of music to get that point across.  So no profanity or explicit lyrics of any kind will come out from me, or none of the songs that we’ll be showing the kids, or none of the music videos that we will be showing the kids.

Upon completion of the camp each child will get the opportunity to record a song, those songs will be compiled and placed on a cd and given to each participant.

James Gentle – Owner of JAG Camp Entertainment:
The ages that we’re going to be accepting at the camp is from ages 12 to 18,  You can contact myself or Miss Cheyenne Banner at number 620-4520.  All the accolades for costing and booking, paperwork and registration forms will all be taken care of from them. 

The camp is being made possible through collaborative efforts of Covenant Book Store and News Exchange Magazine.

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