Hit and run accident leaves Erron Golanche dead

vlcsnap-2013-09-24-08h51m02s160Erron Golanche, a graphic designer, artist and sometime musician, tragically lost his life in a road traffic accident in Orange Walk Town over the weekend. Mother Jerrilyn Flowers spoke to PLUS News on Monday and told us what she knows of the tragedy.

Jerrilyn Flowers – Mother of Erron Golanche:

vlcsnap-2013-09-24-08h53m23s10I don’t know much about that night he was in the accident.  He and his girlfriend moved to Orange Walk.  His girlfriend said he was at home, went out to get something to eat, and was heading back home.  Eyewitnesses state that they saw the white pickup coming, and swerving across the street.  So the ladies that were in the minivan in front of the driver pulled to the side of the street, to let him pass.  But instead of him just passing, he swerved from his side of the lane, directly into Erron’s lane, hitting Erron.  Erron died on the spot.  His eyes were open.  His neck seemed broken, because the bone structure is displaced. 

Jerrilyn Flowers says her son was already dead by the time someone thought to take him and his companion to the Northern Regional Hospital. He had suffered what appeared to be a broken neck as a result of falling off his motorcycle, which was completely totaled after being dragged under the vehicle for several blocks. The vehicle that hit him was identified as a white Chevrolet allegedly driven by a Salvadoran national who failed to stop and render aid and fled the scene on foot. Police have yet to give formal details but a post-mortem examination is scheduled for today. Yasser Musa, art teacher and director of the Image Factory, was an early champion of Golanche and remembered the fallen youth.

Yasser Musa – Director of the Image Factory:

vlcsnap-2013-09-24-09h04m05s47His first encounter, if I can call it that, at the Image factory was very quiet, ‘cause he wouldn’t speak much.  He would just listen, and then I would give him a lot of books and he would read.  He would consume, but not necessarily read the words of the books but the images.  He would look at a lot of art history books.  Immediately he moved from the graphite world, which is drawing by hand, into this digital world.  He made that transition very quickly.  He wasn’t taught any of that sophisticated stuff. He taught it himself.  The same strength he had with learning how to draw by himself, and learning how to consume images, and learning how to become a conceptual thinker, was the same way he was able to manipulate this digital landscape.

vlcsnap-2013-09-24-08h51m36s160Yasser Musa went on to call him “the voice of his generation” in terms of his ability to capture visual images. His mother remembers him as a joyful, loving person who shouldered heavy responsibilities at a young age.

Jerrilyn Flowers – Mother of Erron Golanche:

When he was smaller we use to call him “mad scientist”,  because from the time he was about 8 or 10 years old, he would take apart computers and assembly them back.  He did a surround system for his room from computer speakers.  When it comes to science, biology, math, even the bonus questions he use to get correct.  He could repair computers.  He’s a graphic designer.  He could do accounting.  He was really multitalented.

Funeral arrangements will be announced after the postmortem examination. Erron Golanche died at the age of 25.

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