Hollywood celebrities raise awareness of the ecosystem of the Barrier Reef








Information is that a trio of Hollywood celebrities recently arrived in Belize with the intent of using their “star power” to raise awareness of the delicate ecosystem of the Barrier Reef, and also to promote the 5 years of work that Oceana has done in Belize. While in Belize, Rashida Jones and Angela Kinsey, co-stars of “The Office,” travelled together to the island of Ambergris Caye, the longest barrier reef in the Western Hemisphere. Oceana took them snorkelling in the Hol Chan Marine Reserve. The Hollywood stars learnt about the various pressures facing this ecosystem. But while Co-stars Jones and Kinsey marvelled at the sharks, fish, turtles and rays in that area, Cobie Smulders from “How I met your Mother” travelled to South Water Caye Marine Reserve, where she visited a unique island made of mangrove trees and filmed a new Oceana Public Announcement.

Since opening office in Belize in 2009, Oceana has championed many causes including advocating against offshore drilling in Belize.

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