Home Invasion in Belize City

Red Police Badge BelizeA home invasion occurred in Belize city. On June 29, just before 9 pm,  a home on Fabers Road had some unwanted armed visitors.

A 30-year-old woman reported that she was at home along with her 6 month old baby when a dark complexion, male person, with a mask on his face, entered her house and demanded money.

Fearing for her life she told the male person to take anything he wanted and as she walked towards the front door two more masked male persons entered her house.

One of the male persons took out a firearm and pointed it at her and told her to get back inside and at the same time locked the front door with the keys.

She stated that the male person searched her purse and took $200.00 in cash and also took her black 19 inch flat screen television. All three male persons then left through the back door. Police are investigating.

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