Home invasion in Orange Walk

vlcsnap-2015-10-01-19h46m02s91The family of well known Orange Walk Businessman, Gabriel Cabreras, known also as DJ Gaby, was robbed during a home invasion while he was away on errand and his wife was getting their kids ready for school. The incident occurred some minutes before eight o’clock  this morning shortly after opening the clothes shop for business. Three men barged in equipped with a hand gun, a knife and a machete. Gabriel Cabreras told us more about the traumatic experience his family went through.

Gabriel Cabrera, Victim of Home Invasion: Afterwards my daughter said that one of then had a handgun the one that hold up my vlcsnap-2015-10-01-19h45m59s201wife. The other 2 had a machete and a knife and after that we went to the station, they showed her a picture and she recognized one of them but until today they have not caught any of them. They went some chains, with over $18-20,000 in gold.

Reporter: Was anybody hurt in the process?

Gabriel Cabrera, Victim of Home Invasion: No. Only my little baby she got scratch on her neck because they pop her chain off. They hold her on the bed, and the other one pop off the chain and they hold the knife into her chest. Meanwhile my wife was at the corner of the road with the other one that had her hold up with a gun pointing at her chest. If she did anything they would shoot her.

Of note is that this is the second time this home was burglarized. Police are looking for a suspect as investigations continue.

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