Home invasion in Santa Elena

We call them home invasions but the legal terminology is “Aggravated burglary”. Whatever the name, it is a frightening experience for those families that have had to endure one; and a Santa Elena family just had the horrific experience last night, Thursday July 18.  According to police reports, the cops were alerted to a robbery in progress on the Western Highway in Santa Elena Town. Police responded where they met Hugh Tillett who reported that at 8:25pm, while he and his common law wife were at their  house in the Hot Point Area,  two masked men, one with a knife and the other with a  handgun, kicked open their bedroom door  demanding money. Fearing for their lives they handed over $1,500.00 in different denomination and 2 cell phones. Hugh was then reportedly hit with the firearm on his head. The armed men then left.  Police investigation continues.

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