Homeless Man Dies in Albert Street

vlcsnap-2014-04-16-18h45m47s69In the heat of the midday sun, a homeless man, confined to his wheel chair, died alone in Albert Street.

The unidentified amputee often hung around Albert street during the day and at night could be seen in Queen Streets where a group of homeless people make their bed.  He is not known as someone to cause trouble.

It is reported that sometime before he was discovered dead, he was calling out to people for vlcsnap-2014-04-16-18h50m23s42vlcsnap-2014-04-16-18h58m53s224help.

Traffic officers say they often assist him in getting from point A to point B or removing him from the road so that he might not get knocked down; however, today, when he most needed the help no one came to his assistance and so the unidentified vagrant amputee died alone. The only known relative is his nephew.

Nephew of the Deceased

“Dis da weh pozl me; I cu’ always help everybody and at the end of the day, now, when I see my uncle eena wa state, nobody wa help he; nobody wa gi’ he nottin.  I da always the one who ah push he fah point A to point B and ova anyway weh he wah go, no kea how stink e smell, no kea whateva bout he.  Dat da my uncle dat.  Nobody no know who fuh cantac fuh dis man.  Nobaddy no know notn boud dis man now.  How dis man ahn get bury? Who ahn bury dis man?  Dat da the idea, yu andastan me?  So, ah no nuoa weh ahn happen wit dis man, ca’ me meself personally, ah no ga no money”.

Justin Gill, executive member of Youths Creating Talent had worked with the person in past:

vlcsnap-2014-04-16-18h56m16s114Justin Gill- President of the Youth Creating Talent

“During the weeks, the time of Easter when we go out to feed them, we usually go and wake them. Because this particular individual usually sleeps in front of the Queen Street police station.  I could recall meeting with him last year and providing his food three meals a day for one week and, it was very tough for him being that he only has one of his feet.  We have been dealing with him for the past five years; this year is actually my fifth year, but due to the fact, I said this year is my fourth Annual Feeding project.  Due to the first year I haven’t had it on the media”.

Anyone wishing to donate towards the funeral may submit their donations to Youths Creating Talent at Atlantic Bank Account No. 211098809.

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