Homeless persons exploited for pornography

Pornographic videos of Belizeans young women, some believed from the Belmopan area, have made its way around social media and have resulted in outrage from many Belizeans. Just as disturbing and perhaps even more so, is another pornographic video that has been making its rounds, this time depicting two homeless persons in Belize city, believed to be mentally challenged. The video shows the two homeless persons engaging in a sexual act while off camera is the voice of other persons egging them on, telling them that if they do the video, they will receive a cold coke to drink.   The Ministry of Health issued a press release on the matter saying it condemns the Exploitation of Vulnerable Persons. The release says

The Ministry of Health is appalled at this assault on human dignity and is dismayed that these persons felt comfortable enough to record and share this video to further humiliate this couple and their families.   The Ministry of Health implores all Belizeans to protect the privacy and rights of all people, especially those who are made vulnerable because of physical and mental disabilities. The public is strongly encouraged to protest and denounce these types of violations of person’s dignity and rights. In so doing we can begin to change the culture of stigma, discrimination and victimization of vulnerable persons who live among us.”vlcsnap-2016-06-14-10h11m30s989

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