Homeowner Lay-waits Returning Burglar

Burglar in action picAfter realizing that his home was broken into, the homeowner lay-waited the burglar, anticipating that he would return… and he did.  Sometime between the 10th and 13th of this month, a businessman of Burrel Boom discovered that his bungalow was burglarized.  Later, he  told Police that he remained inside the house because he knew the culprit would come back and at about 11 at night, he saw a Creole male person entering the house through the damaged window.

The 43 year old homeowner managed to subdue the burglar and called Police. After making checks inside to see what was stolen he found out that all items were intact, however, he saw  (11) Sheets of Sheet Rock valued at BZ$30.00 each were damage and a double glass window was broken. The lawmen in uniform have formally arrested and charged the suspect 32 year old Sydney Hill for the burglary and damage to property. 

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