Hon. Faber’s Back and Forths with the BNTU is Not Over

vlcsnap-2014-02-04-18h34m58s30vlcsnap-2014-01-31-21h13m11s137The back and forth between the BNTU and the Minister of Education is still not over. As discussions over salary adjustments continue, there continues to be apparent misunderstandings between the negotiating parties.

In an interview given by the Minister of Education, Hon. Patrick Faber to Love FM on Tuesday February 4, the minister reported that based on informal discussions with the Prime Minister, the Unions have accepted and are happy with the most recent report on the salary adjustment given by the PM on January 30 2014.

But in a press release issued today, the BNTU is saying that’s not so.  It says:

“At no point in time during the course of that meeting did any member of our team present express acceptance or delight in the report.

We, therefore, wish to express our dissatisfaction with statements made to the media by the Hon. Minister Faber and inform our membership and the general public that the joint unions will, in due time, make public our take on the information presented at the meeting of January 30, 2014”.


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