Hon. Gaspar Vega refutes allegations

On Wednesday earlier this week hundreds of residents of Orange Walk Town and the surrounding communities gathered solemnly at the Cervantes’ family farm where they expected to mourn for the slayed Orange Walk hero. Instead the Cervantes family dropped a huge bombshell when they revealed an explosive phone call conversation.

The recorded conversation is allegedly between Vilma Cervantes the widowed wife of Ramon Cervantes Sr. and a man claiming to be Manuel Castillo, who makes a startling accusation. According to the recorded voice, the man claiming to be Manuel Castillo says he was not involved in the killing of Ramon Cervantes Sr. He said that the murder was a hired hit, paid for by the Deputy Prime Minister of Belize. Here is what he said.


vlcsnap-2014-11-06-05h11m43s56Alleged Vioce of Manuel Castillo

“I will send you some evidence that. It’s the _____, the _____. There is a ____  involved. There are about seven persons there in Orange Walk and on top.  Do not trust the police officers because the same ‘pinches’ police officers, there are eight ‘pinches’ police officers.”


Now yes, I will take care of the problem.  I will take care of it because even if I have to go back again, to do things that I should not do because of this _____ paid a lot of money for, for the death of. It wasn’t for your _____ that’s why I tell you.

The young men made a mistake. They went and grabbed your husband. It was your son that they wanted to kill. Him. It’s him they wanted to kill. Monchi. It’s Monchi that they wanted to kill. They made a mistake and they killed, your, your, your husband.”


I will help you. And, and, and, and, my name, I wasn’t my name cleared from all of this, because it hurts me very much, because even my family has turned their backs on me.

When I called them a while ago. They told me that I sent to do this and that. And no. That is not so. I told them it is not so.

Look, I am all over Facebook and the internet, all over. And I have not done anything. I am the one that told them not to do it because no no, I don’t do that kind of job. And I, and what hurts me mostly Misses Vilma,  look, what hurts me the most, is that these days I am supposed to be with my wife, because she recently had a baby. And I don’t even know where my wife is right now. I don’t even know where she is right now because of this problem that is happening. I am telling you. I don’t know where my wife and my baby are. Now how do you think I feel?”

Explain to Monchi not to trust all or any police because, please I tell you, that they are the same ones that are involved in all this. I’m telling you it’s a, it’s a huge organization.

Misses Vilma, I tell you. That’s why I am even afraid to talk because, I don’t know, Misses Vilma, maybe tomorrow , I will be walking around there and the same people that sent to kill your husband pay someone there to kill me. That’s why I want to finish with him. I need to finish with this.”


Voice of Vilma Cervante -, Wife of Deceased

“The who killed Mister Ramon, then Manuel?”


Alleged Voice of Manuel Castillo

“Misses Vilma, it’s _____, Misses Vilma.”


Voice of Vilma Cervantes

“He sent to kill him?”


Alleged Voice of Manuel Castillo

“Yes, he sent to kill him. And I will get the evidence, and I will tell you who he is. But please don’t say because you know why? Because the _____ has contacts in Mexico. And in Mexico, the mafia is big. Do you understand me? I will tell you his name. But listen to me well Misses Vilma. I will tell you the name of the _____. But listen, listen, don’t say anything.


Voice of Vilma Cervantes

“I thank you that you give me all the evidence you have the quickest possible. And you call me back to tell me when and where.”


Alleged Voice of Manuel Castillo

“OK, I will give you everything Misses Vilma. I will give you. Because I, that day that I was at my house, because at my house in Bacalar, they reached and they sat and talked in the house and there I recorded them Misses Vilma. I have the recordings. I have the recordings hidden in the house. But I have about six hours to get there but I need to stay some days so that I can walk a little.”


Late last night, the government released a recorded statement from Minister Gaspar Vega where he refutes the accusations made against him.


vlcsnap-2014-11-07-12h58m37s161Hon. Gaspar Vega – Deputy Prime Minister

“I was not and could not have been involved in any way with Mister Cervantes” death.  All who know me know that I would be utterly incapable of such a horrible act.

It hurts and angers me that a recording from the person the police have stated to be the principal murderer, and who ran away to avoid justice, should be used now to endanger me and my family.

I cannot understand how anyone could see it to place any reliance on what this Castillo supposedly says. His co-accused have confessed and detailed exactly how Castillo masterminded this and another murder. This has been confirmed by the evidence the police gathered.”

At the press conference on Wednesday the Cervantes family was joined at the head table by the leader of the opposition Francis Fonseca.

Minister Gaspar Vega says politics was behind the motive of Wednesday’s explosive press conference.


Hon. Gaspar Vega

“The fact is that, as the murder mastermind, Castillo can have no credibility.  This is also underlined by the huge holes and obvious lies in the story he tells on the recording.

At the end of it all, therefore I have to feel that politics is involved here. It is a terrifying thought, but the facts are clear, and I condemn what is being done. 

I thank the very many people, especially Orange Walk caneros, that have called to support, and to express their anger at this false and outrageous attack against me.

And I ask all others to look at the circumstances, and join in rejecting this malice, that has served to puy me and my family in danger.”


The alleged conversation with Manuel Castillo was reportedly recorded on October 8th earlier this year. A month later, the Cervantes family revealed the conversation to the public, despite the alleged voice of Castillo’s constant pleas to keep the conversation to themselves.

In the recording, the alleged voice of Manuel Castillo says he had nothing to do with the murder.

Shortly after the recording was made public police sent a follow up press release saying that police investigation has proven so far that no other party, apart from wanted person Manuel Castillo and his accomplices, are responsible for Cervantes’ murder.

The is the first follow up since July, when three men were arrested and charged for the murder of Manuel Cervantes.

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