Honduran fishers caught in Belizean waters

And while on the subject of fishing, seven Honduran fishermen were arrested by Belizean authorities for attempting to fish in Belizean waters on Tuesday morning. According to Progresso Digital Media House, the arrested fishermen were identified as Ángel Eduardo Fuentes, Sergio Rafael Fuentes, Jorge Alberto Martínez, José Alejandro Caballero, Miguel Ángel Matamoros, José Orlando Mejía and Carlos Hernández. The men, who live in Tres Millas, Honduras, claim that they were fishing in a group in Honduran waters when the Belizean Coast Guard detained the fishermen while they were in Honduran waters . They claim that the Coast Guard came across into their territory and took the men with them back into Belizean waters. However, according to Belizean authorities, that is simply not true. Belize coast guard says that the Honduran men were found four miles South of Hunting Caye, well within Belizean waters. Reports are that the Coast Guard came up on three boats carrying Honduran fishermen in an area known as Corona Reef. The persons in the three boats were detained and handed over to the Fisheries Department and the coordinates of the spot the men were detained verified that they were indeed in Belizean waters. Corona Reef stretches for nine miles – four miles in Belizean waters and five miles in Guatemalan waters.

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