Hope for Life Completes One Year

Yesterday, August 18th marked the 1 year anniversary for the Hope For Life Pregnancy Center. The Hope For Life initiative started in August last year as the first pregnancy center in the Belmopan Area. One of the founding board members, Andrea Rodriguez, told us what has been accomplished in a year and what Hope For LIfe is all about.


Andrea Rodriquez: We had probably 12 clients from when we started in August until December, and it was very slow because people were just getting use to us, they were still figuring out like what vlcsnap-2015-08-20-15h59m15s913isHope For Life, some people think that we’re a church and it’s not a church it’s a pregnancy help center. This year, starting from January up to now we’ve had like 30 clients, but overallwe’ve had 130 client visits because it’s returning, they come every other week, some of them come every week. It’s a pregnancy help center and a pregnancy help center basically is a centre that helps women who have found themselves in an unplanned pregnancy situation and we offer the support that they need to get through the pregnancy right from the very beginning as they walk in the doors up until after they have the baby. We are there with them so that’s what we do.

Rodriguez also told us about the services they offer to the soon to be mothers.


Andrea Rodriquez: Well we do free pregnancy tests first, but they have to do it themselves and most people so far that have come in know that they’re already pregnant but we do the free pregnancy tests. We do child birth education classes. We do breast feeding classes, infant care, parenting and also we do bible studies and we offer counseling as well.Untitled-12

Hope For Life’s goal is to reach out to any pregnant women; whether in a planned or unplanned pregnancy.


Andrea Rodriquez: To help women. We said that we believe all women who are pregnant deserve love and support. Sometimes it’s hard for women when they get pregnant because maybe sometimes Untitled-1they’re living in poverty and they have no help at all, some of them are single moms, they find themselves in situations that are really horrible and they need help. Some of them the family turned their back on them and things like that and they don’t have that support so we believe no matter the circumstances, how you got pregnant or whatever, we believe that all women deserve love and support and that’s why we started.

This coming year, the center’s  goal is to branch out and reach the women who are unable to make it to the center which is located on Garza Avenue in Belmopan . Hope For Life’s doors are open Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays.

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