Horizon Academy Sparks up the Reading Passion with a Book Fair

This past weekend, students of Horizon Academy hosted their fourth annual book fair at the ITVET Campus in Belize City. From a young age, students are taught that reading is fundamental to success. But not all take to it. However, principal Diane Maheia told PLUS News that her 100-member student body has hit upon a way to ensure that all students take maximum satisfaction from reading and actually learn something as they do.

Ms. Diane Maheia- Principal of the Horizon Academy

vlcsnap-2013-11-21-15h07m32s168vlcsnap-2013-11-21-14h21m47s110“Our reading curriculum is very important to us.   In our introduction levels and lower division, we use a level’s reading curriculum that encourages something we call differentiation.  It’s very important as teachers more and more to learn about literacy and encouraging literacy, learning more about the practice differentiation in the classrooms and our reading curriculum encourages differentiation which is teaching a little different to children depending on their levels of reading or literacy.   So, you might have one group altogether in one classroom, but they are reading at different levels.   So, you offer them different reading level materials based on where the children are.   Every child know that knows that he or she is reading and then they may recognize thatthey are reading something different from other people, but they don’t have a sense of ‘oh, well, I’m smarter than you because I have a harder book.   Everybody know that their books are different”.

The books on display were from popular publishers Scholastic of the United States and sales proceeds went to the school’s administration.  And because every kingdom must have a queen – or at least, a princess – we caught up with Shajay Smith, who graciously told us why she loves to read.

 Book Fair Princess Shajay Smith-  Student at the Horizon Academy

vlcsnap-2013-11-21-15h14m30s6fairy tales book cover“I like to read about…fairy tales”.

Reporter:  “Why fairy tales?  Do you like the characters?  

Shajay Smith:  “I like the characters”.

Reporter:  “How fun is it to read?”

Shajay Smith:  “It’s very fun”.

Reporter:  “So, are you enjoying being the princess at the book fair so far today?”

Shajay Smith:  “Yes”.

Piled up University BooksReporter:  “What’s fun about being the princess of the kingdom of books?”

Shajay Smith:  “It’s fun because I can get any book”fariy-tale-book-cover 2.

Any leftover books will be distributed to the National Library Service.

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