Hospital Administrator accused of fraud

We have been following the economic scandal unfolding at the Southern Regional Hospital. The Auditor General was commissioned by the Ministry of Health to conduct an audit at the medical facility after suspicion of  irregular activities were reported. The last we told you is that some 189 cheques were discovered missing by the Office of the AG. Also uncovered is that from the period of January 2010 to September 2013, cheques were cashed from the Maternal and Child Health Bank Account. Over the three years, it is reported that about four hundred thousand dollars were withdrawn from the account, but the hospital administration has no record of ever seeing these monies. In fact, vlcsnap-2013-10-22-08h02m39s62allegations are that on some occasions, as many as ten cheques were cashed per day. And the person being fingered in this fraudulent scheme is Hospital Administrator Nasley Sommerville – she is accused of withdrawing at least three cheques in a total sum of $7,060.00. Ms Sommerville claims though that she does not remember cashing cheques, except for reimbursements. Nonetheless, she has been placed on suspension and the Police Department has launched an investigation on her alleged participation. But Nasley Sommerville isn’t the only personnel under investigation, as PlusNews has learned that a former two-time town councilor, who is linked to the Dangriga Polyclinic Administration and his secretary have also been alleged to be involved in the scheme. According to sources, last week, the former councilor in  desperate attempt to salvage his name, was trying to destroy incriminating files. However, those files have been retrieved.

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