Hospital mix up almost cost man his life

On Tuesday, PlusNews was contacted by a resident of Succotz Village who alleges that he was provided with the wrong medication by the San Ignacio Community Hospital and it almost cost him his life. Rudy Itza says that last  week Monday, he wasn’t feeling well and so visited the hospital to fill up on prescription for high blood pressure. But Mr Itza got a little more than he bargained for, while he did receive those meds, he was mistakenly also given treatment for diabetes.

Rudy Itza:

I went, last week Monday, to get medication for a breathing problem that I had, and apparently they gave me the wrong medication.  I drink the wrong medication from Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.  Friday morning they rush me to the hospital.  Barely I was able to survive. 

When he rushed to the hospital, doctors informed him that at the pharmacy, his prescription somehow got mixed up with another patient’s.

Rudy Itza:

There were two doctors. [One] attended me when I reached barely alive.  Aggressively he talked to my wife, telling her that she’s supposed to know what medication I’m supposed to be drinking.  But they gave me the wrong medication for allergies, and it was even for a doctor.  So I was drinking that together with the medication they gave me, plus I had high blood pressure.  I was drinking that medicine also.  It was like eight types of medicine I was drinking, and that’s why I nearly died.  That’s why I went in to file a complaint, because I nearly lost my life.

Rudy Itza says that he has filed a complaint at the Ministry of Health, but what he really wants is an apology, after what was a terrifying and mystifying last couple of days.

Rudy Itza:

They said they will investigate it.  I would want an apology, because I am getting fame in my village, because they think that I am crazy, that I was getting crazy in the village.  I went to see about a permit, and they said that I was tearing my clothes, and [they said] “Mr Itza is getting crazy.”  I wasn’t getting crazy.  I think  the medication was the [cause], because I barely lost my life and I hope this does not happen again.

We contacted the Chief of Staff at the hospital, Dr. Misael Ramirez, who told that that matter had been dealt with, but that he was not in authority to discuss further details and directed us to CEO in the Ministry of Health Dr. Peter Allen. However, Dr. Allen was occupied in a meeting. As to the present health condition, Rudy Itza told us that he is doing better, but is suffering from head and stomach cramps.

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