House burglarized in Belmopan






There was another robbery in the Capital which occurred over the weekend. According to reports the household of Michelle Cano, owner of A-Z learning school, was burglarized over the weekend. The residence, which is located on Mt.  Moosey St, Belmopan, was apparently vacant during the weekend, which, according to Michelle Cano, is not often the case. Stolen from the house were two television sets, a computer, a watch, an ipod, and $1,100 dollars in cash, adding up to a total value of over $10,000 dollars. It is believed that the trespasser or trespassers entered through a broken glass window. According to Miss Cano one of her neighbours heard the dog barking sometime around 1:00 am on Saturday morning, but did not register it as a burglary.The black and brown German-Shepherd was discovered with a limp.

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