House collapses in Belize City

A Belize City man suffered a frightening experience on Wednesday night, when the house he resides in on Freetown Road suddenly collapsed.

Kevin Rowland says he believes the house was deliberately knocked down by a suspicious character he saw lurking in the area moments before it fell.

He gives his account of what happened.


vlcsnap-2014-11-07-06h30m31s246Kevin Rowland

“My young lady come and call me tonight.  Me and she may have a conversation, because she told me a lee problem what she do go through and thing.  I went in. I listen to her and thing. 

All of a sudden we may reason together and thing, and we hear a noise downstairs.  When she tell me she heard a noise, I hear it too, but I never pay it no mind.

When she tell me look through the window, I look through the window and see this dread man beat me post, beat it for no reason. 

All of a sudden the house collapse with me and the young lady ina it, but nobody never get hurt and thing.”


According to Kevin Rowland, he did not expect this to happen to him.

He was recently released from prison and his relatives live in the United States.

He is asking for the public’s assistance to help get him back on his feet.


Kevin Rowland

“I never expect this.  [I expected the house to] last longer than this.

I want move from here.  I want get a lee house and a piece of land.

I think it was hatred and bad man, because I a young man.  I just come outa jail and thing, due to something what they blame me for, for a robbery where I do thirteen months for. 

I know what I been through and thing, so when I get back there so, I just meditate and realize for all the punishment what I di go through and thing, and suffering and thing.  I get to come to my senses and thing, when I come back out ina society and try fi do best for myself and help who I need to help too, you know, ina society and thing.

You know, I wish I could help everybody, but I can’t help everybody ina society,”

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