House fire possible retaliation for murder

vlcsnap-2013-03-05-20h08m03s99There was a house fire this morning in Hattieville. The sister to the girlfriend of shooting victim Ralph Sherlock Martinez, aka Miniman believes that her house was deliberately targeted for arson this morning. The house is located in Hattieville, directly behind where the incident was said to have taken place on Saturday evening. In that incident Martinez and Abel Arana were engaged in an altercation that reportedly resulted in them shooting each other. Arana died of his injuries at the Hattieville Health Center while Martinez is in hospital in Belize City. Usher told Plus News that she believes her house was burned down in retaliation for Arana’s death, because his family members believed that she participated in the fatal attack on Arana. Usher said she now believes her life and that of her children are in danger after recent events. Investigations into the cause of the fire continue.

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