House in Santa Elena Goes up in Flames

vlcsnap-2014-04-07-17h44m39s239There was a fire in Santa Elena on Friday night which totally engulfed a house on Carillo Puerto Avenue.  Evelyn Estelle was at home sleeping when she was awakened by the smell of smoke and realized that her house was on fire.

Augustine Martinez- Fire Victim

“One of my frends cal me and e tel me dat my house ketch faya.  I no want believe he.  One a my nex frend call me and tel me Micky com because he see the faya and al thiz tings bonn.  When mih ketch taxi.  When I reach, I see the faya. But evriting don bonn.  My kids neva dih huom, I dih du babysitta becaz me dih work”.

The house is a two storey structure where the top is of board and the bottom is cement.  The owner of the house is Augustine Martinez and he lived in the upper flat of the house. The house was not insured and all the items within were destroyed.


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