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The price of rice has recently become a topic of interest when it was discovered, thanks to a businessman seeking to import Guyanese Rice, that price gouging is taking place somewhere along product line. We will tell you more about that later on but first while no one debated the validity of those reports in the at today’s sitting of the House of Representatives according to Jose Mai, Area Representative for Orange Walk South, there would not be the need to import cheap rice if the Government invested more in the Agriculture Sector.

Hon. Jose Mai- Area Representative, Orange Walk Southvlcsnap-2015-03-31-10h24m31s88

“Mr. speaker if we move the eleven million dollars on the land development on an accusation or remove the twelve point five allocated to the banana youth program,  the ministry of  agriculture will only be getting 14.2 million dollars that is only  Mr. Speaker ;1.3 percent of the national budget  , 1.3 percent of the national budget Mr. Speaker, so you see the reason again I  say to come burry this budget and we hear Guyana  wants  import rice at half the price of Belize’s  price,  we act of great surprise, bway this what we deserve, this exactly what we deserve when we invest 1.3 percent of the national budget  on agriculture. Mr. Speaker  at last he has debate, I urge the Government to invest some of the Petro Carib funds in the agriculture sector instead of investing all streets and drains. Why do we not invested in the productive sector  to increase and improve efficiency?  So that the products can be more competitive Mr. Speaker. So that our products, so that our products can be more competitive Mr. Speaker, this was my exact words  last at the last house. Had we done so Mr. Speaker probably would not be  in such a bad predicament today. The entire rice industry is being threaten today. If we allow rice to be imported Mr. Speaker, thousand may lose their job.”

Hon. Jugo Patt – Area Representative, Corozal Northvlcsnap-2015-03-31-10h24m51s64

 “Mr. Speaker back then as this now BNDC play a critical role with the rice  farmers in the south. He speaking about  rice policy and rice vision and ways  forward in which we can better improve the situation of  the rice farmers. Why is it then, that the member of Orange Walk south  during his 18 as general manager of BNDC did not take the necessary steps to ensure a lively hood and a thriving industry  for our rice farmers in the south all of a sudden he knows and knows better, this is shame on him. You know the most important Mr. Speaker , he talking about bad administration and corruption in the department of Agriculture, he is forgetting to tell the people of this nation and particularly to our agriculture people, to our farmers that during tonier some of the more exorbitant salaries were being  collected.”

The Prime Minister presented the final speech on the 2015/2016 financial budget at around 5:30 pm earlier today, Friday March 27th.

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