Housing Ministry prepares new policy; grants for repairs available

The Ministry of Housing and Urban Development is rarely heard from but they continue to work at solving the problems of Belizeans in acquiring and maintaining proper housing. Today it embarked on the creation of a policy on establishing social housing for the country. We attended the consultation held at the Belize Biltmore Plaza and spoke to CEO in the Ministry Denton Belisle.

Denton Belisle CEO, Ministry of Housing & Urban Developmentdenton.june17.2015

“We have been actively involved recently in the deliberations and workshops for the SISCA. Which is the social integration system for Central America and they have a council of housing and human settlements and it based on that initiative that we came up with this proposal to develop a housing policy for Belize.”


“How does it help those persons who want access to housing, want access to affordable housing. What would be the target for this ministry’s efforts?”

Denton Belisle

“Once we have a policy in place we can then use that policy as the stepping stone to seek international funding from various international organisations for the construction of housing and improvement of housing in Belize.”

The consultants attached to the project come from the German agency for international cooperation. We also asked Belisle about the process for obtaining housing grants for repairs from the Ministry and he said they are available, in small amounts, but application and approval is controlled by the elected area representatives. According to Belisle the Ministry works with politicians of both stripes.

Denton Belisle

“Well I cannot be faulted for that perception if it’s out there. All I can tell you is, we try to be as equitable as possible in the distribution of these funds. They are channelled through the elected area representatives, we have to work with the elected area representatives in giving out these funds.”


“Is there amy means by which those funds the access to them are by passed where you don’t have to deal with the politics of an area representative to get these much needed help?”

Denton Belisle

“At presently there’s no provision within the ministry for that type of assistance.”

Aaron Humes – Plus TV Reporter

“But you do work with both the political parties?”

Denton Belisle

“I work with whoever comes and has available funds for disbursement.”

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