How accurate are PSE results?

PSE results are out, but according to a media report, The minister of Education is saying, “not necessarily”! The results that were released by the Ministry of Education come complete as they always do each year; with the top performers selected,  with analysis, breakdowns of subsections for each subject, and graphs comparing each subject to the ten year cycle. Parents and teachers were already complaining when the results were two weeks late with no explanation from the ministry and now with the results distributed to the children, parents and teachers are again wondering how accurate are the results their kids have in their possession. The Deputy Principal of Louisiana Government School, Enrique Ayuso,  has been bold enough to go public with several glaring irregularities that have come to their attention in their own school. According to Ayuso, Standard 6 Student Jose Arciga, scored a perfect 50 on his Math, yet the grade recorded was 20. This error in the score affected his total, which should have been 365, making him one of the top performers countrywide; number 5 to be specific. His PSE score then affected his internal performance at the school’s graduation. However, this one school found that several other errors had taken place in their standard six class as it relates to the PSE results.  In an interview with Channel 7, the School’s Administrator stated  We realized that there were some children who were present at the exam, but it’s being recorded as them being absent. Also there is one particular child who got two negative scores and that is statistically impossible. The lowest score you can get on an exam is zero or absent or inadequate but no negatives are supposed to be given, so we are querying that and awaiting the response.” Three wrong grades and several students marked as absent is no small accusation against a National standardized test such as the PSE. It raises serious questions about the accuracy, validity and reliability of the 2014 results.  PlusNews has learned that the person who has been responsible for PSE Examinations from its inception at the Ministry of Education was transferred out of the department and someone else has taken her place. Doctor Yvonne Davis Holds a PHD in Testing and measurement, a most appropriate background for the task, yet she was transferred out as Manager of the Belize district Education Center. Callers to rise and shine this morning wondered if this transfer had any effect on this year’s unreliable results.  


vlcsnap-2014-06-19-08h17m26s236Lennox Tillett – Former PSE Examiner

“I want to say, Yvonne Davis is my personal friend, and I know that she has has been doing an excellent job with the PSE.  She was there from the beginning.  These types of errors that we’re seeing being touted, everybody is now getting apologetic about it.  When the results were posted, there’s a big backlash on some of the things that are wrong, in the Ministry of Education.  Throughout the years, that was[Yvonne Davis’] focus.  That was her area.  She didn’t have to choose to go that way, but she chose to go that route.” 


Minister Faber told Channel 7 that the results are always preliminary and that the ministry will make results official when they have given sufficient time for review.

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