Huge stash of weed and guns found in Chan Chen Village

During an operation in Chan Chen Village in the Corozal district,on Sunday evening, police made a huge discovery of over 35 thousand grams of cannabis and enough gun power to light up a city. ASP Joseph Myvette told us more.

Joseph Myvette, National Crimes Investigation Branch: On yesterday’s date, Sunday July 8 shortly after 5pm, Corozal police visited an area in Chan Chen. Upon arrival, a search was conducted in a bushy area usually frequented by those involved in the contraband trade. The police discovered 43 parcels of cannabis weighing a total of 35.74kilograms and 1,892 rounds of assorted ammunition, which includes 5.56mm, 7.62mm, 9mm 12 gauge catridges and other ammunitions. Also recovered was one pump 12 short gun, one AR15 rifle, two bullet proof vest and other paraphernalia. They were all found in one area. Police has been looking at that area for a while and the operation was conducted based on intelligence and some surveillance of the area.


While police would not say that the drugs and guns may be related to international narcotic activities, Myvette did speak of several sizeable seizures in recent months. All items found yesterday were deposited as Found property.

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